International active projects


2021.03.18. 10:29


Improving water quality in the Danube river and its tributaries by integrative floodplain management based on Ecosystem Services.


2021.03.18. 09:47


F(ol)low the Plastic from source to the sea: Tisza-Danube integrated action plan to eliminate plastic pollution of rivers


2021.03.18. 09:19


Joint efforts to increase water management adaptation to climate changes in Central Europe.


2021.03.03. 16:23


Optimal strategies to retain and re-use water and nutrients

DanubeHazard m3c

2020.12.12. 13:53


Tackling hazardous substances pollution in the Danube River Basin by Measuring, Modelling-based Management and Capacity building

The latest international projects have begun in an unusual way

2020.12.07. 08:11


Starting from the second half of 2020, several international projects implemented in partnership with the General Directorate of Water Management (GDWM) have begun.