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Bird watching trip


The ‘Janus Pannonius’ Museum organises an end-of-winter trip to the River Dráva linked to the anniversary of the Ramsar Convention in February (World Wetlands Day on 2nd February). Companied by an ornithologist with local knowledge, one can get an insight into the characteristics of the oxbow as wetland habitat.

2015. február 3., kedd

Flood vulnerability in Hungary – 6th conference in the series

The General Directorate of Water Management together with the Scientific Council for the Water Sector launched a series of conferences in 2014 titled ‘Flood vulnerability in Hungary’.

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EDUCATIO – International Education Fair 2015


Having been the largest fair of the educational market, the annual International Education Fair ‘EDUCATIO’ has been organized and will be held in Budapest between 22nd – 24th January 2015.

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International competition for young water enthusiasts with huge prize

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Helyszín: Magyarország - Stokholm


Stockholm Junior Water Prize

Founded in 1997, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) is most prestigious international junior prize within the water sector. This outstanding, high-quality competition takes place during the annual World Water Week in the Swedish capital and juried by international experts. The patron of the competition is Crown Princess Victoria, who meets the finalists and hands over the crystal statue and the 15,000 USD prize. The school of the winner receives 5,000 USD. The best project application is awarded the Diploma of Excellence together with 3,000 USD.

The winners of the national rounds are invited to the Stockholm Final. Every year several thousands of secondary school students aged 15-20 participate in their national qualifiers worldwide. The event is a great tool to raise awareness of the importance of water-, and environment protection. The organiser of both the World Water Week and the Stockholm Junior Water Prize is the Stockholm International Water Institute, see at .

Hungary joined the outstanding competition in 2013. The Hungarian national round is organized by GWP Hungary Foundation with the help and support of numerous partner organizations. The patron of the Hungarian competition is Mr. János Áder, President of the Hungarian Republic. Being an international competition, the language of the national round is English as well. The projects can deal with local, regional, national or global issues of environment protection, scientific, social or technical significance. The competition is open for secondary school students aged 15-20 entering individually or a maximum of three-member teams. The project applications are assessed by a jury of well-known experts of the national water sector, chaired by Prof László Somlyódy László, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. 

In the last two years about 50 students from 22 secondary schools participated and prepared water-themed application in the national round in Hungary. In 2013 students of ‘Fényi Gyula’ Jesuit Grammar School in Miskolc; whilst in 2014, the team of ‘Eötvös József’ Grammar School in Tata won the national round and represented Hungary in the final in Stockholm. Even though no prize was won on either occasion, both Hungarian teams met with success.

The Stockholm Water Prize Competition 2015 has been announced by GWP Hungary through its website with further details.

Translated by Orsolya Tursics - DDVIZIG



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