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Tasks of OVF

2015. február 19., csütörtök 13:34

The General Directorate of Water Management manages the professional duties of the following tasks:


  • coordinates the flood damage related tasks in the plains, mountainous and hilly areas, the agricultural water supply; urban water management; as well as the flood control and drainage and the local water damage tasks,
  • provides the operation of the National Technical Coordinating Body, as well as the Central Duty
  • directs, coordinates and controls the professional activities of  the water directorates.
  • directs and coordinates the Vasarhelyi Plan’s Further Development (VTT) and other EU funded major projects of water related investment.
  • directs and coordinates the operational tasks in connection with the central water records and the information systems,
  • assumes the control over the professional activities of the water directorates concerning the management system in state-owned waters or economic conditions underlying their operation, also sets-up the national and regional water management strategy, plans and carries out the tasks of the international water management concept,
  • determines the flood control and water management concept and also the strategy, work out a set of national and regional water damage control, water management programs and development plans, arranges their implementation and evaluation,
  • supervises the availability of provided human resources for flood protection and the training of the defending personnel against any flood events,
  • participates in transboundary related tasks and in any arising international cooperation,
  • works on the direction and coordination of all of the tasks arising by the construction, development and management of protection systems,
  • participates in giving any information on a national level about any water damage protection.


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