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Flood protection strategy is being prepared with the aim of retaining the riverbeds 05/02/15

2015. február 11., szerda 09:01

According to the Deputy Technical Director of the General Directorate of Water Management, a social debate will soon be launched on the flood protection strategy, Mr István Láng believes that at least as much attention should be given to the maintenance of existing protection structures as to the building of new ones. ‘Our flood protection strategy is currently being prepared. There is no point in building new structures when the old ones do not function properly. Our conference today also focused on the preservation of high-water riverbeds since in the last 30 years these beds have either silted up or been overgrown by trees so much that practically they can not provide space for the floods any longer; as a consequence the floods get higher and higher. Almost all Hungarian rivers are impacted by this process. A complex survey has recently been made on the rise of the floodwater levels in the last 30-40 years and this is due to the poor maintenance of the riverbeds. ’ Mr Láng also added that the former status could not be restored since the areas were nature protection areas or got inhabited. ‘So, we do not intend to destroy such areas but to stabilize the high-water riverbeds and stop further deteriorations; thus, the new conditions could support us in securely channelling the floods. This is to be done by setting out pasture-lands and open areas for the free runoff of the floods. If there is no cutting but overgrown vegetation, one can observe not only backflow but higher flood peaks since the riverbed would act like a dam.  Therefore, we have prepared such an operation and development recommendation that can result in lower flood peaks. We are now before the social debate stage of the strategy making process. The plans are being finalized, we have 67 of them, and we wish to form them into a ministerial decree following the opinion poll.’ Mr Láng, the Deputy Technical Director of the General Directorate of Water Management, also stated that ‘no cost estimate has been prepared yet; at the moment we are carrying out risk assessments for our river sections, adhering to the regulations of the EU, to see the economical values of the areas in order to classify them and define the urgency of intervention. After this, one will have the opportunity to look at the costs, too.’


Translated by Orsolya Tursics - DDVIZIG

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