2015. február 14., szombat

Bird watching trip


The ‘Janus Pannonius’ Museum organises an end-of-winter trip to the River Dráva linked to the anniversary of the Ramsar Convention in February (World Wetlands Day on 2nd February). Companied by an ornithologist with local knowledge, one can get an insight into the characteristics of the oxbow as wetland habitat.

2015. február 3., kedd

Flood vulnerability in Hungary – 6th conference in the series

The General Directorate of Water Management together with the Scientific Council for the Water Sector launched a series of conferences in 2014 titled ‘Flood vulnerability in Hungary’.

2015. január 22., csütörtök

EDUCATIO – International Education Fair 2015


Having been the largest fair of the educational market, the annual International Education Fair ‘EDUCATIO’ has been organized and will be held in Budapest between 22nd – 24th January 2015.

2015. január 16., péntek

International competition for young water enthusiasts with huge prize


Founded in 1997, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize (SJWP) is most prestigious international junior prize within the water sector. The Hungarian national round is organized by GWP Hungary Foundation with the help and support of numerous partner organizations. The patron of the Hungarian competition is Mr. János Áder, President of the Hungarian Republic.

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Budapest Water Summit 2016

2016. december 19., hétfő 10:17

Budapest Water Summit 2016


Building upon the successful event in 2013, Hungary will again host the Budapest Water Summit between 28th and 30th November 2016 in order to give a momentum to the practical implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the UN as well as to achieve progress concerning the water-related aspects of the Paris Climate Agreement within the UN 21st Climate Conference. As part of this high-level conference, a Sustainable Water Solutions Expo will be held aiming to display internationally recognised water management technologies. The General Directorate of Water Management took part as exhibitor with an interactive stand on the Sustainable Water Solutions Expo, where the most important challenges of the 21st century water management was shown. Sustainable water management is the priority tasks on adapting of the sudden changes in the nature with modern instruments, on reducing the harmful effects of extreme events, while it able to provide a balanced for the society the essential water in time and space, where and when it is nessesary. The participants could try the interactive flood maps and got to know with the important method of the drought and flood defence activities and there were introduced under power. The stand took part of the counterpressure basin and the 3 meter long emergency dike, altogether 220 pieces of sandbag, a drought station, a interactive television and 12 pieces of colorful glass bottle. The visitors and the media professionals were given informations on challanges of water management and current develepment in hungarian and english language booklet form. The sand was visited with great interest by the domestic and foreing water experts, researchers, students and the public interest, who have an interest in the field of water policy. Mr János Áder, the President of the Republic of Hungary, Mr Sándor Pintér Dr., the Minister of Interior, Mr László Felkai Dr., the State Secretary of Ministry and Imre Hoffmann Dr., the Deputy State Secretary of public employment and Water vistited the exhibiton. With the successful conclusion of the meeting, including the discussion of experiences, also the preparation of the next BWS in 2019 was begin.







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