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New snow-processing software - 08/02/15

2015. február 11., szerda 09:16

A new snow-processing software has been launched nationally this week at the 12 water management directorates that is linked to the Hungarian Hydrology Database. This application is a specific database management module of the Water Management Information System. The application records and processes data of snow measurements as per relevant technical specifications and other technical guides of the water sector.


Screen for station selection after logging-in

The new software is capable of processing the snow-data dynamically, per snow seasons and supports backward compatibility, too. It is possible to record the snow depth, snow water equivalent, snow measurement conditions as primer or control data and per gauging points. The software automatically calculates the snow volume weight.  During the processing phase automatic checks are carried out and as a result one can get snow measurement data for the complete hydro-meteorological station.  


Season maintenance for the settlement ‘Adony’

The Hydrographical Units of the 12 water management directorates, connected to the Hungarian Hydrology Database, observe and process further hydrologic elements continuously. The directorates currently (at the beginning of 2015) operate 3,542 surface; 4,157 near-surface; 936 groundwater and 948 hydro-meteorological stations. Though the number of stations, which supply and process data regularly are significantly less. The 12 Water Management Directorates operate 176 snow measuring stations.


Hydro-meteorological station of the Central Danube-region Water Management Directorate regularly taking snow measurements.

The new software supports any hydrographical user via station profiles that can be set dynamically. With the help of the tool, data processing statistics can be run for the country or individual directorates.


Data of ‘Mátraszentlászló’ for January 2013

The overall renewal and re-development of the Water Management Information System is planned with respect to hydrographical applications within a ‘KEOP’ project this year.

Translated by Orsolya Tursics - DDVIZIG

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